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Should Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Take Aspirin to Prevent Stroke and Coronary Events?

Fri Feb 25

Diabetes is a life-long circumstance where your body is not able to generate enough insulin (Type 1) or your body […]

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Celeheal vs Etova: Which is the More Affordable Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief Medicine?

Mon Feb 14

In today’s world, a variety of pain relievers are available in the market that claims to provide a guaranteed solution […]

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Is it safe for a Covid-19 patient to take Combiflam?

Fri Nov 26

Combiflam tablet (How to Take Combiflam?) comprises of two salts, Ibuprofen 400 mg and Paracetamol 325 mg. Ibuprofen is a […]

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Can the use of Aspirin help in the reduction of mortality in Virus infected patients?

Thu Oct 21

COVID-19 infection has been affecting all of us for the past year and continues to do so (Does Aspirin help?). […]

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How high dose of Aspirin can affect our liver and kidney

Mon Jul 19

Aspirin is an oral medication that is taken to help with fever, inflammation, and pain. Know the consequences of High […]

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Know the Uses & Side effects of nimesulide tablets for dogs?

Thu Jul 15

Nimesulide is an oral medication that is used to help with pain, fever, and inflammation (Nimesulide Tablets for Dogs). The […]

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